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sea_dragon wrote:

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

sea_dragon wrote:

To clarify, my issue is that I can see the distortion with my eye perfectly centered and against the EVF eye cup. I'm not looking at it from a distance.

the "bad" photo used as an example clearly is taken from the point which does not correspond to еye "perfectly centered and against the EVF eye cup" - it does not show full frame visible through EVF (like the "good" photo does) and distortions on only one side tells us that it was done @ angle (intentionally of course).

It's true that taking a shot of the EVF image with another camera can make it look good or bad. But regardless of how the picture was taken, the resulting image accurately represents the distortion the I (and perhaps others) are seeing. It's just a way of showing others the effect we're seeing.

and my example shows what it looks like when you really have "eye perfectly centered and against the EVF eye cup" and not at a distance and at an angle...

So, with my eye centered and against the eye cup, I see distortion in the onscreen information. Particularly the area where the aperture and ISO readings appear. The slightest movement of my eye causes the distortion to bounce between the two. It's as if the focused area of the magnifier is simply too small.

This is the same for the other 6 or so GH3s that I've looked at in person.

that simply means that something is wrong either your eyes or understanding what "eye perfectly centered and against the EVF eye cup" means... do you want to state that example posted ("bad" picture) shows the full frame visible in EVF when you have "eye perfectly centered and against the EVF eye cup" ? because there is so much more visible around what was presented in that "bad" picture.

I completely and 100% believe that your camera has a great EVF. Many others have posted that theirs is fine too. I am not disputing that for a second.

I am just trying to get the point across that some of us really DO have an issue with the EVF. I'm sure you can understand that those of us with this problem would get a little offended when being referred to as "shills". I'm not losing any sleep over it mind you.

When my eye is perfectly centered, looking straight ahead and my eye is almost touching the magnifier (ie. my eyebrow is pressed against the top rubber of the eye cup, I see the following:

- the entire viewfinder image
- distortion running in a vertical direction in the area where the aperture and ISO readouts are located

It's not really difficult to use a viewfinder so this shouldn't be so hard to explain.

The posted picture simply demonstrates what the distorted/smeared text looks like. I make no claims that the photo was taken under any laboratory conditions. It's not even my photo. BUT... it clearly shows the effect that I and others have been trying to describe. Think of the photo as someone trying to describe something they've seen to another and making a sketch on a piece of paper to help the other person visualize what they mean.

Now, the photo you posted does indeed show a perfect image. And if I saw that same image when I look through my viewfinder I would be very happy indeed. But, no matter how I position my eye, I cannot see it as your photo shows. There is always SOME of the distortion effect visible.

Just for fun, here is a shot of my own that I took of my EVF using another camera with it's lens up against the EVF of the GH3. You can see there is some distortion visible in the areas I mention (the M in Metering and the corresponding symbol to the right). However, when I put my actual eye to the EVF, I see the distortion more pronounced. Unfortunately, taking pics of the EVF really doesn't help either way.

It's not a deal breaker for me (obviously since I kept the camera), but I'm just attempting to describe the problem that I and others have observed. I am very happy that you do not have this problem.

So, in the end, I hope we can at least agree that:

• You and many others do not have any issue with the EVF and are being truthful.

• I and others (not sure how many) do have an issue and are also being truthful.

This guy exdeejjjaaaa  is even disputing what one of the moderators is saying so I think there is no point trying to debate with him - he doesn't want to accept that anyone might have a problem with their EVF or he just wants to explain it away by saying we just don't know how to use our EVF. I wouldn't waste time trying to persuade people who are closed minded and can't accept they might not know everything the whole time.

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