The US won't have mirrorless? (Sans Mirror)

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Re: The US won't have mirrorless? (Sans Mirror)

wilerty wrote:

Most people won't buy an ILC without holding it in their hands. I live in a city of over half a million and there are no dealers who cary an M5. Fortunately I have a friend who has one and she let me borrow it for a couple days.

If Olympus can't get the cameras into stores ... they won't sell many. This isn't rocket science.

It's also tough when you can buy a T4i with a kit lens and 55-250 for $899.

Still I am unconvinced. I the EU I hear that Electronic Commerce will soon reach 25% of total buys. In the US it must be much higher, and this site (Amazon) attests its importance.

Especially for a niche product, real shelf can be mostly omitted. It's more of a cultural thing. As mentioned above in the US dSLR are status symbols first. In the EU it used to be so too, but somehow it's changing.

I wouldn't ignore the gender issue: in my tourist town I see more and more Japanese girls with Pens. Western ladies, those butch types, still cling to protuberant dSLR.

So it's fun to watch: Lara Croft vs. Madam Butterfly. The Pen style is v. much a fashion statement for the latter.


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