Nikon D600 vs. Canon 6D in Low Light?

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Re: Nikon D600 vs. Canon 6D in Low Light?

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I honestly don't see how anyone could consider shopping a Canon 6D against a Nikon D600. They aren't in the same league in terms of features. 6D has no flash, far fewer AF points, single card slot. You get the idea. It would feel like a terrible downgrade to me. If I were to switch to Canon (I only recently got into this game and am not married to any brand) I would be taking a very hard look at a 5DmkIII.

features on paper <> real photos in reality just as 60D vs D7000.

Those are not features from 6D?

-3EV AF sensitivity, the best in the class.

GPS and WiFi

smaller/lighter body

Slight better high ISO

no mention no oil leaking, handling and erganomics.

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Why I chose the 6D: I prefer smaller size than: flash, subject tracking, and extra SD. And without Image Quality being compromise from 5Diii. And I can not love the ergonomic of Nikon, I like the simplicity provide by Canon Camera.

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