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Re: E-7 Wish List

So I have edited your list for my favorites and added a few comments and additions.

8. Tilt swivel of the E-5.

9. Weather sealing of E-5.

10. Size of K5ii.

11. E-M5 IS.

Add the ability to control a level of tilt and shift using the sensor through software.

13. GH-3 movie specs.

15. A99 viewfinder. (yes I want a 4/3rds mirrorless or translucent mirror digital pro camera now that Sony and Olympus are sleeping together).

16. Focus peaking.

17. 8fps

19. No low pass filter for excellent rez.

But increase the MP to 20 to further reduce the chance of moire.

20. Full compatibility with 4/3rds lenses.

Really, is that asking too much?

Well to add a couple more:

Accessory port so we can use the EVF during video

Microphone and headphone ports

Updated tethering software

15 AF points, all cross type, all F8

As long as we are wishing right??



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