D600, 6D at ISO6400

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Re: Exposure seems slightly different despite settings

aftab wrote:

GregF wrote:

The 6D shots, especially the first two, seem slightly more exposed to my eye, which helps a bit with noise. This tells me the actual ISO values for each camera are slightly off (normal as shown in plenty of tests).

These two camera are close enough that RAW images could be made, more or less, to be nearly equivalent.

The 6D JPEG engine does a better job of NR (a bit heavy handed on some low contrast detail IMHO) than Nikon's. Even the "standard" setting in the D600 defers to allow ample noise as not to smudge detail. And if you go above ISO6400 the 6D is definitely better.

Yeah, stated ISO usually is not the real ISO, this practice is pretty common. But I am not sure that it is helping 6D here as far as the noise goes. Real 6D ISO seems to be higher than D600 ISO, so it should have more noise, not less. In any case, the difference in minimal.

I agree with you about JPEG, Canon does more NR and depending on scene/subject this can be a good or bad thing. Here is a default JPEG from both cameras taken from above sample.

Thanks, and that is a perfect example of the aspects we pointed out.  Look at the words on the right side of the candy box in the Canon shot.  They are blurred by the NR, but you can make them out a bit better on the Nikon.  Also, the upper left edge of the candy box in the Canon shot has a bit of JPG "jaggies" from increased sharpening.  And of course, the Nikon has more luminance noise overall.  The Canon shot has a brighter, more polished look to it.  Besides the slight loss of low contrast detail on the Canon, the JPG engine does a great job.

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