Canon Pro9000 Mark II ink question

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Re: Canon Pro9000 Mark II ink question

Pete4 wrote:

Most Canon general use printers have 2 sets of ink: dye inks for printing photos and black pigment ink for printing business letters. In those printers Canon uses rather complicated algorithm as to when each type of ink is used, but basically anything photo will use color inks, even if printing B&W only and business type letter printed on normal paper will use pigment black ink only. The pigment and dye inks are never used together on one page (with small exception of printing nozzle check etc). Since your printer, being dedicated photo printer, does not use black pigment ink, I'm not sure there is a way to set it to print using B&W ink only, as it is possible on general use printers, maybe you could try regular paper settings, but I'm not sure it will work here.

Not the 9000MKII

Only has one black Dye ink for everything. It's really a photo printer best used on Glossy and Luster type papers.

I read somebody who wanted to print B&W only, cleaned all color cartridges and filled them with different shades of gray. I'm not sure what the final outcome was, but it should have worked, more or less.

Easily done on Epson printers, and has been experimentally done on a few Canons. Problem is you need either a special RIP to be able to print the correct tones with the corresponding color cart containing a black shade of ink.

Piezography from CONE uses QuadTone RIP and special Curves to be able to print the different black to white steps from your B&W image files.

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