Nikon 85 1.4g vs 85 1.8g bokeh

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Re: Nikon 85 1.4g vs 85 1.8g bokeh

cleeNikon wrote:

Thank you for this post. I have been struggling between the 1.4 vs 1.8. With the deadline of the March 2nd discounts (now extended to the end of March), I ordered the 1.8 with 14 minutes left on the clock. It's on back order and I am waiting to receive mine from B&H (hopefully) soon! Considering the price point of the 1.8, I had to pull the trigger. With the extended discount from Nikon, I am going to see how well the 1.8 performs and if not too happy, will replace it with the 1.4.

Question for you. Handling both, which one do you like the most (not considering the price point)?

Thanks again for posting, excellent!

Not considering price the 1.4g hands down.  There is just something about the images that the 1.8g cant replicate.  Even with the 1.4 stopped down to 1.8 the bokeh and overall image is just better.  Even with the price difference I'm still suggesting the 1.4g.  This was my last engagement session with the 1.8g (didn't think I wanted the 1.4) check it out.

Here are a couple from the 1.4g

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