will you pre-order your new 80~400mm or wait for (fill in the blank) ?

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Re: will you pre-order your new 80~400mm or wait for (fill in the blank) ?

Reality bites hard sometimes.  This time it'll have all of those people who ​swore​ they'd been waiting for ​years​ to buy this scrambling to invent rationalizations why it wasn't all just cheap talk.  In the last day, we've already seen:

The price isn't under $2000.  Anyone who expected it to be less than a 70-200mm VR-II was doing dreamland math, or perhaps not doing math at all.  Did y'all expect that full diameter Super ED element to be free?

It may have focus breathing.  Really important for sports/bird lens, right?

The tripod foot looks too small.  Of course, if they made it bigger, people would complain about the extra cost since they would ​have​ to replace it with a Kirk/Markins compatible one anyway.

And my favorite from this thread, from someone who always finds a reason to fault gear, it has "near-ancient VRII" because it only can compensate for 4 stops of shake at 400mm instead of 5 at 200mm.

Reviews?  Pop Photo will love it, but every other review will give anyone looking for a reason ​not​ to buy ample reasons.  If you've already bought, or at least already decided to buy, the same reviews will just confirm your decision.  So why wait?

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