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ISO4000 Photos - Thanks

Thanks for the reply.  With my four and a half year old Olympus E-510 DSLR camera, I was able to get pictures like that at ISO800, but not any more than that.  So, this Canon T2i (550D) camera effectively allows me to get five times the shutter speed with all other things being equal.

The reason that I used F13 was to extend the depth of field.  I didn't need it there as much, but for other pictures of birds it was necessary.  For the hummingbird pictures you'll notice that the shutter speed is a constant 1/250th of a second and the F-stop is also at a constant F13 setting.  Also notice that the depth of field is rather shallow at F-13 at that focal length, because the hummingbird was so close.  The only thing that changed was the ISO level because with the M mode, I set the ISO level to auto.

At some point (for this striped bird) it was getting darker so I kept the F-stop at F13 and lowered the shutter speed to 1/160th of a second with Auto ISO.  I don't know where any of these birds are going to land.  They could land close or further away, on branches for only a few seconds typically.  So often I don't have time to tweak the settings.  I spend my time composing the shot and concentrating to keep the camera steady (since I'm not using a tripod).  Now, if the bird stays around for a longer time, then I sometimes take a few moments to adjust the settings to something else.

If you like bird photography and have lots of cloudy conditions as we have in the Portland, Oregon area you might consider a Canon T2i (550D), Canon T3i (600D) or Canon T4i (650D) camera (if Canon Rebels are still to your liking).  It helps, especially when we need that faster shutter speed or want to control the depth of field.  I greatly find the higher ISO settings valuable for action photos of people at events in low light conditions.

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