Windows Surface Pro - Anyone using one?

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Re: Windows Surface Pro - Anyone using one?

CAcreeks wrote:

Not touch enabled. What besides Office 2013 and OneNote are touch enabled? Search found:

How much of the "massive" software collection for the MacBook Pro is touch enabled?

  • Remo Recover (Yahoo)
  • umm... nothing (Google)
  • Remo Recover (Bing)

Interesting review of OneNote here at Ars Technica .

Ars notes there are two versions, app and Office, but doesn't say much about the app version, which is kind of a shadow of Office OneNote.  That might have been what you heard about.

P.S. If Microsoft App Store has touch-enabled Metro software, why doesn't Bing say so?

I haven't found a Windows program that isn't touch-enabled at a basic level (selecting, scrolling, etc.).  (Win8 takes care of that.)  The generalized touch interface

will be showing up in more programs (not just apps) soon.

Note not many programs actually need the enhanced features that a digitized screen provides.  A number of the top-level PC games (which run reasonably ok on a Surface) are adding touch interface to game control for tablet-oriented uses, and the drawing and photo-editing programs  are either available in enhanced touch or will be soon.

The Win8 app catalog has more than 30,000 titles now, after four months.  I tried to google OSX apps quantity but only found out-of-date info (10,000 last year).  Maybe someone else knows.

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