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Re: Elinchrom general/service question

Elinchrom service and support are horrible. I had (2) BXRI-500 flash units burn up after only 3-4 months of use. They were being used in a beauty dish with a sock and the modeling light (even dialed down) produced so much heat that it melted the bulb socket which (amazingly) is made out of  plastic. The thermo sensor doesn't read heat on the modeling light side of the front panel so it did not shut the unit off until it literally melted the soldering connections on the board.

This was a design defect and their engineer confirmed this but elinchrom support was just awful. I had a terrible time getting someone to call back and my requests for a loaner were ignored. Furthermore , it took 4 weeks to get the first one back and unfortunately, a 2nd one burned out a couple days after receiving the first one back. Another 4 weeks down the drain.

I was then told that if I continued using it in a beauty dish with a sock they would not be able to cover it under warranty.

I wrote letters to B&H where I bought the units (4) of them, Scott Kelby (who pushes them all over the place and obviously gets 'em free) as well as the various managers and supervisors for elinchrom.

No reasonable solution was provided other than to tell me to stop using them the way I was using them.

I sold them for fifty cents on the dollar, replaced them with Einsteins and never looked back. The einsteins have been super reliable, cheaper, and paul buff support is unbelievably good.

I will never buy another elinchrom product.

Feel free to contact me if you want more info.


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