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Re: "Managed" and "referenced"

bravozulu wrote:

Kevin, when I used the term — Contact Sheet — I was referring to great filing logic used in PhotoMechanic. You can -- but don't have to — store uploads in groups that you then browse as contact sheets. Just clusters of related images. Contact Sheet harks from the days of film when strips of negatives from the same roll.

This is the default, easy way PhotoMechanic clusters images and which you browse as a group. Really, you could call it a FOLDER, and it would be the same. It's just a convenience that lumps related images together ---- independent of tabs or other meta naming schemes.

So, back to what I was asking. Can you organizes images in Aperture when you ingest them into clumps of related images. By date, time, event, location, or whatever. For the sake of simplifying recall and browsing?

I am old enough rememberer beer contact sheets

In Aperture, all images have to live in a project. Projects can be automatically created on import or you can import to an existing project. An image can only exist in one project at a time. You can move images from one project to another

Albums can have images from multiple projects....if you delete an image from an Album, it will still exist in its Project. Delete an image from a Project it will go to Apertures own trash.

Smart Albums are like a ordinary albums, but are created and updated according to rules you set for each album. Eg you could set a smart album to keep track of all images with a particular lens or any I other exit information or keywords you define.

Folders are just a way of keeping various projects and albums together. I have a folder for each year, and keep all projects and most albums for that year in it

Its really all very.ogical and very flexible



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