The US won't have mirrorless? (Sans Mirror)

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Re: The US won't have mirrorless? (Sans Mirror)

amalric wrote:

MichaelKJ wrote:

amalric wrote:

Also, expect Asia to dictate the taste in cameras. Women, especially.

I doubt it. Currently, the 5 best selling cameras in Japan are black Nikon and Canon dSLRs.

Not a macho world anymore, so perhaps American males take revenge

I wish you were right, but we still live in a world that is dominated by aggressive males.

If we are speaking of mirrorless cameras, Terada once said that women had been especially targeted by promotional campaigns in Japan.

Also it is a well known fact that mirrorless has reached 50% of the Japanese market.

I joked about the fact that the E-P5 has no built in EVF because Camera Joshi were afraid of spoiling their fake eyelashes, but it might be a factor


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Personally, I'll take hard data over a comment made by an executive at one company. Also, your previous comment came across as a blanket statement about cameras in general.

Mirrorless is about 45% of Japanese unit sales and hasn't gained market share over the past 6-9 months (it topped 50% for one month and then retreated). Japanese revenue data are much harder to find, but I think one can safely assume that mirrorless' share of sales revenue is less substantially smaller.

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