Coolpix A AF speed in low light will be important

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Re: Coolpix A AF speed in low light will be important

AngryCorgi wrote:

Nikonworks wrote:

AngryCorgi wrote:

Nikonworks wrote:

I suspect it will focus just as Live View does in my D5100,

slow, very slow.

That would be a really weak assumption. Sony NEX cameras use CDAF and are plenty fast. Why would you expect this camera, taylored to be a CDAF-primary camera to function like a PDAF-primary camera?

Please, where did I say that I expect such a camera to function like a PDAF camera?

To be realistic, If Nikon could match the speed of the Olympus 4/3 CDAF they would have already.

They haven't, I assume due to patents covering such technology.

The D7100 Body is retailed at only $100 more than the 'A'.

Put each camera's parts on a table and ask yourself how is the 'A' worth a total price that is only $100 less than the D7100.

For all those D7100 parts on the table for which Nikon does not have to manufacture for the 'A' camera, Nikon couldn't squeeze some PDAF sensors on the 'A' sensor?

This is a 'logical' question, don't you agree?

I agree that it is logical to think they SHOULD have put PDAF tech into the sensor since its starting to become pretty mainstream. I just don't think expecting a camera that MUST rely solely on CDAF to be as slow as a DSLR performing LV CDAF is realistic.

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OK, put that way I agree with you. But it in no way will come close to the Olympus level, unfortunately

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