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Re: Not in the market, but...

Art_P wrote

Dual cards that can be used sequentially, or in tandem (one for jpeg, one for RAW)


WiFi control would of course be nice.


GPS compatibility (not asking for it to be built in, just let it talk to an add-on GPS or smartphone)

fluff, not interested.

PEN/OMD accessory port or something similar... just think, you could add an EVF on top of the OVF and have the best of both worlds?

nope. Just make the OVF excellent.

Yes, must have the tilt/swivel screen

yes, at times very useful.

Does it have to be so big? E-520 sized? (I know, some like a massive camera to go w the big


Amen, brother. Small was what first brought me to Oly.  520 sized is nice. If I want large I have my Canon gear.

While I fully expect the E-M5 sensor, a next gen sensor would keep folks from crying 'obsolete'...for a few days anyway.

Yup. And since so much time has passed since the E5 & E-M5, I would expect a better sensor.

Leave room on the SCP for one or two user selected functions.

Yeah, cool.

Allow naming of mysets and easier access.


Hey, here's a thought... howabout a retrofocus adapter to use m43 lenses on 4/3?

If it's an optional accessory, ok. But I have no interest. 4/3 lenses rule!

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