Help me choose my first tripod?

Started Mar 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Help me choose my first tripod?

I'm most likely going to go for the Slik 500DX legs. A lot of people in another thread recommended the 700DX to the OP, and when I looked into it, for a lot of people it came down to either the 500 or the 700. The main advantage of the 700 seems to be its extra height, but I'm only 4'10'' so I wouldn't be able to utilize all that height anyway.

I'm starting to reconsider the head though. I don't recall any complaints about the legs, but the heads that come with 500DX as well as the 700DX seem to be the only flaw. Any recommendations for the separate head, or do you think I should just go with the one that comes with the legs since this is a "test tripod" sort of deal anyway? Here are the links if you need them:

And I also have one more question. I feel really stupid for asking, but does a tripod actually allow you to tilt the camera at an angle? Like not just left right, up down, but at an actual angle? I'm pretty sure the answer is yes but just making sure.

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