D600, 6D at ISO6400

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Re: D600, 6D at ISO6400

aftab wrote:

These were taken in late afternoon, light coming through one window. Used 24-70 V2 for Canon and 24-85 VR kit lens for Nikon. Then I waited for sun to go down, turned the light on and changed Nikon lens to 14-24/2.8.

Difference is not great, but 6D definitely shows less noise in each example.

D600 also looked softer in each example, but that could be due to the lenses or focusing error by the cameras. 6D also looked slightly brighter.

24-70II is a vastly superior lens than 24-85 in sharpness and every other common metric. It should also be noted that 24-70II's transmission rate is extremely good for zoom lens, most zoom lens lose about 0.5-0.7 T-stop, for example the highly praised 17-55 IS loses 0.7 T-stop, this lens only lose 0.2 T-stop. I am fairly certain 24-85 cannot match in that regard, which would explain why its images are darker. in the same token, I do not thik 14-24 at 24mm is as strong as 24-70II. unfortunately DXO has not tested both of these nikon lenses.

Of course, that's not what DXO says. 6D scores 2340 and D600 2980 for low light performance. It seems that they know something (Canon is color blind, for example) that I don't.

Comparing noise as a sole criteria for high iso IQ is not the right approach. An image could have more noise but also more detail and better DR etc. DXO's high iso measurement uses the following criteria:

low-light ISO is the highest ISO setting for a camera that allows it to achieve an SNR of 30dB while keeping a good dynamic range of 9 EVs and a color depth of 18bits.

Also keep in mind this does not mean D600 should continue to have this edge at iso 6400. It is entirely possible that 6D takes over at that point.

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