Does anyone here have the RX100 to go with your NEX?

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Re: Does anyone here have the RX100 to go with your NEX?

Got the 5n as a kit (16mm, converters,18-200 Tamron LE) and the RX100 and was working with both Sunday-Monday. After processing the raws from both from Sunday (Focus on Imaging show press report shots), and concluding that I had done all the fisheyes I needed, I only used the RX100 on Monday. I'm finding that there is a quality to the raws which gives a little more 'bite' to repro images but highlights can be lost. Basically I like both, but the RX100 will be the camera I carry around.

I also particularly like the USB charge/upload images function. I was working with a MacBook Pro, and just connecting the camera whenever needed. Generally it was recharging the battery fully each time, probably not that good for the cell. Also, been working with a 32GB card in the camera, and can see no reason to erase - just locate the new shots each time. Taken some movies and they are generally better than the NEX-5n, and considerably better than my Alpha 99 - which I wasn't lugging round a trade show. There are plenty of shambling old blokes in outfits designed for a winter day outdoors with Canons and white lenses hanging round their necks already, blocking up every view I needed to take with an 'inappropriate photographer' in the foreground... no need to add the their numbers!


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