A58 - Really Disappointed with Sony

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Re: A58 - Really Disappointed with Sony

It seems to me that a lot of members are a bit irrational to the naming of the A58 the way I look at it is that Sony is making a change to the SLT  line up from the current A37,A57,A65,A77 & A99.

They have combined features from an A37/A57 to come up with a new entry level model the A58 , now are they going to do a similar process with the A65/A77 to come up with a new model and then the same again with the A77 /A99 to come up with a new model.

We might end up with just 4 cameras instead of 5 an A58,  A65/A77 hybrid a A77/A99 hybrid (not full frame) and the A99 still at the top of the heap.

So we would have entry level,enthusiast ,semi -pro and pro model that's enough to cover all budgets and uses.

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