OK Mr Samsung show me the APS-C

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Re: OK Mr Samsung show me the APS-C

Sony could not get a fast zoom into their 1" sensor compact. How are Samsung going to get an even wider fast 24mm zoom into a compact aps-c sensor camera?

The trend for larger sensors in zoom compacts since the Sony RX100 has not really changed the scene in camera design as we have seen no manufacturers bringing out similar large sensor zoom compacts. 1/1.7" rules the roost.

Samsung are unable to produce any sort of separate viewfinder let alone a hybrid one. I doubt if Samsung have any technical expertise on hot shoe EVF's as their last one for the NX100 was pretty mediocre. Samsung just produce cameras and can rarely to be bothered to provide any accessories for them. If you have found a Samsung made battery charger for the EX1/2 I would love to know, or at least one with a 3rd thermistor sensing pin. They like to show accessories in the manuals but without part numbers as they do not exist.

ac146 wrote:

Hi Mr Samsung!

Nikon has put out their fixed lens APS-C advanced compact. Great idea. An advanced compact with the larger APS-C sensor.

Now wait a minute! Your EX line of advanced compacts look very similar to the Nikon. Maybe I should of said that the other way. But of course they would look like yours. We know the EX's control arrangement works great. We know too that your EXs are well made. Have great lenses. So.... come on. Bring out an EX3 with the larger APS-C that you make. Vertical integration. Keep the costs in-house. Don't buy them from Sony. Replace the lens with a fast 3 to 4x times zoom. Keep the wide at a 24mm equivalent. Its much better than the others 28mm equivalent.

Keep that articulated screen. Showing your technical expertise, why not come out with a hybrid optical finder with basic info as per the X20. Make it hot shoe based, so you can use it on your NX range too!

Sounds like a winner to me.

I have had my EX1 for over 2 years now .... still love it. I've looked at the others. Nothing feels right in my hands. The EX seems so much better made. Is it perfect? NO. A bigger sensor would be a big improvement ....


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