OK Mr Samsung show me the APS-C

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Re: OK Mr Samsung show me the APS-C

tecnoworld wrote:

I wouldn't be interested in such a camera since the nx200 with the 30mm is pocketable enough for me, and I can use a variety of lenses on it.

Anyay there is a chance that such a camera like the one you describe will exist sooner or later (it could even be the much rumoured nx-r, who knows!).

It's kinda pointless for samsung to make a camera like this, when their NX already covers it; a kit of pancakes and a NX1000 does the same job/is as compact. Dunno why you'd buy a NX1000 with a lens fused on it permanently.

Something like the RX1, X100 makes sense; they're unique to the company, and also the market, but this coolpix is somewhat redundant when competitors offer better; NEX, and NX lines.

Nikon only does it so that they dont cannibalise their DSLR sales. If they came out with a NEX, or NX equivalent offering the same performance as a DSLR, I dont think their sales would bode well. I do think sony suffer from that at the moment.

Not saying the coolpix is a bad camera.

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