How to pronounce Carver Mead??

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Re: How to pronounce Carver Mead??

We have so many regional pronounciations and accents in US English... but as a generality, we tend to draw out dipthongs and sometimes vowels. Saying meat and need over and over to myself, I 'hear' a difference. It's more the length/speed of the word... meat is sharper and shorter. The 'ee' in need is  longer and less stressed. I've heard lots of people actually say his name, as well as having heard him speak many times. He's a marvelous speaker incidentally, really a spellbinding storyteller; with fascinating insight into the history of the computer industry.  The Computer History museum in Mountain View may have an audio of him speaking, I recall, with Gordon Moore. He consulted with and advised Gordon Moore in the earliest days of Intel.They taped that conversation at the museum the day after he left 'our' conference at Lake Tahoe one year. I'll look for it and link it if I find it.

I don't know the story though of where his name "Carver" comes from. His father worked in the electrical generating plant or transmission business, I recall, somewhere in rural California. Carver is interested as a hobby in old electrical implements. This story is online and seems to have been written by Barbara

Best regards, Sandy (archival) (current)

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