It seems Nikon's idea about the new A isn't right

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Re: It seems Nikon's idea about the new A isn't right

rhlpetrus wrote:

Well, maybe Nikon is not really into selling a lot of those. I can't figure what's the strategy right now. Maybe they are preparing to launch a real ML aps-c system. Or maybe they just want to say, yes we can do one (large sensor p&s). I think it is the smalles APS-C P&S, no?

And price will eventually drop to the 600-700USD range, or not.

Too many ??? at this point.

A lot of people have no phantasy. They want Nikon to make a camera that already exists. For example a RX100 (ie, Nikon 1 with fixed lens), or Fuji X100 (ie, a DX with f/2 lens, optical+EVF), or a NEX5/6/7 (ie, a DX mirrorless system without or with EVF), or a RX1 (ie, a FF fixed lens with a fasts lens).

Then Nikon produces something that does not exist yet (very compact DX fixed lens) which slots in size-wise nicely between the RX100 and the X100:

With the DR and base ISO SNR equal to the X100 and in low light capability again pretty much exactly between the X100 and the RX100 (X100 is one stop better, RX100 is 2/3 of a stop worse).

Sure, we can argue about the details but if the X100 is a great idea and RX100 is a great idea, why is something in between a bad idea?

I can tell exactly why: f/2.8 is just not sexy enough and if Nikon (or somebody else) had created a m43 fixed lens f/2 camera, the reactions would noticeably better.

In short, people like familiarity and they are fooled by headline numbers (f/2).

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