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Re: The K-01 is a spade...

People enjoy exaggerating about it's looks.  I admit I wasn't crazy about it at first, but it didn't keep me from wanting it's abilities.  The styling has grown on me since I've had it.  Still, a combination of looks and high initial price are what slowed sales in my opinion.

When I first got my camera, I was quite thrilled with the results I was getting.  I called up a friend who shoots Pentax. He had been wanting to upgrade his DS.  I told him it was a very suitable camera for his needs and that the price was a steal. He didn't buy it, saying that he was going to wait to see what else hit the market later this year.  I happened to go to his house with my k-01 and we shot a bunch of photos.  He was more than a little impressed and admitted he didn't jump at it when I first mentioned it because he didn't like the way it looked.  After handling it for a few minutes, he went over to his computer and placed an order for one.  He was truly excited about the images we were getting and at that point the looks were meaningless.  If only more people had a chance to handle one, the sales would have taken off.

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