Is it me or is digital autofocus just problematic?

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Re: Is it me or is digital autofocus just problematic?

franzel wrote:

Chris 1 wrote:

What the heck did I do wrong or what can I do better?

I suggest using the camera more, or any AF camera ever made .

It's very simple - you focus , and only then press the shutter button .

Don't do it the other way around ; it hasn't worked 100 hundred years ago, and won't work now .

In short - sir, you are an idiot .

Have you ever had a NEX camera in your hands? I don't think so or you wouldn't be writing such drivel.

The OP probably used multi point AF without face detection on and the camera backfocused as IT DOES THAT A LOT. It happened to me many times especially when taking people faces in interiors with unevenly distributed light.

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