The US won't have mirrorless? (Sans Mirror)

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Re: The US won't have mirrorless? (Sans Mirror)

JamieTux wrote:

So when you walked into Jessops the m43 cameras had the same amount of wall space as the Nikon and Canon dSLRs?

I've been in quite a few down south and I've not seen Panasonic + Olympus together taking up more space than either Canon or Nikon on their own - it was the same in Jacobs and it still is that way in London Camera Exchange Nikon and Canon generally have the most - then Sony, then m43 (if they carry it at all).

My local PC World and Comet (until they closed too) were the same - the only interchangeable cameras that are regularly in store are Canon, Nikon or Sony dSLRs. I can order and collect a Canon 5D2, 7D, 650D, 60D etc, or Nikon D800, D7000, D5200, etc - the OM-D, EPL5 and EPL3 are all showing as unavailable at the moment - although the Panasonic G3 is available.

The Jessops in my town, which was a shoebox of a store, followed this pattern. The Mirrorless cameras plus lenses, for any company (so Oly, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and Nikon) were all in one display. The Canon DSLR + Lenses Display was as big as the whole Mirrorless display. The Nikon DSLR display was a little smaller. The Sony SLT display was stuck off in the corner and you'd easily miss it.

The London Camera Exchange branch we have is totally uncontaminated by Mirrorless of any brand, it is as though time stopped running forwards in 2008 in there. Canon, Nikon and Pentax rule.

Both Comet stores that were in town, which were true "big boxes", had no ILCs of any kind, DSLR or Mirrorless.

This then leaves one company, Dixons Group, as the only "big box" seller in my town, with a couple of PC World stores. They don't have brand specific displays for camera, they have 2 long tables. One has compacts on both sides. The other has mirrorless down one side, DSLRs down the other, so the 2 types of camera have equal prominence. Its also quite clear that Dixons Group are going to ditch Olympus. They have no Oly compacts, and just a few EPL3s and EPM1s at firesale prices. Whereas they have every Lumix G under the sun (GF2, GF3, GF5, GX1, G3, G5, GH2, even a GH3). Next to no stock of additional lenses for any of the systems though.

I have only ever seen an EM-5 in one store, ever, and that was the John Lewis flagship store on Oxford Street in London.

I did buy my EPL3 for PC World, but that was only after had made a complete hash of fulfilling my order, apparently Olympus UK were delaying providing them with more stock (So the writing was on the wall even a year ago).

Since then, I've bought one lens from Amazon, and one for Olympus EU directy. Online, of course.

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