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RESULTS PART I *********Challenge 162- The Moon in the Landscape ***********

The Moon in the Landscape: Results Part I (General Remarks and 10-6)

Okay … here are the results. This was a lot of fun and it was very educational for me. You are an creative bunch! I worked to define the contest in a manner that would challenge and constrain you, but not limit your entries to those that matched my own preconceived ideas of what the Moon in the Landscape should look like. For example, I am strongly in favor of not having the Moon blown out, but I did not state that as a requirement. I am glad I left that door open, as several of you submitted images that would not have been possible if the Moon had not been over-exposed.

I had hoped that folks would share their techniques and tricks. Some of you did that, but I wish I had pushed more strongly for that.

Before I present the winners, I’d like to acknowledge draacor’s second image … the one of the statue of a soldier whose musket seems to have used the Moon as a musket ball. Nicely done! (And just the week before, I was trying to take a similar picture of a statue of a cowboy on a bucking horse with a pistol in his hand. The statue is located on the north side of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, I needed to gain access to the building’s 3rdfloor to get the correct angle.)

Special mention also to rb0321 for the clever title of his excellent gibbous Moon: “Moon in the context of Jupiter or Jupiter in the context of the Moon”. Your lunar image is incredibly sharp, and you have avoided the all-to-frequent bright rim at the edge of the Moon due to sharpening (and perhaps other image processing) artifacts. Also thanx to VittoDigital for his persistence despite the weather.


#10 The first image submitted was Reilly Diefenbach’s Mt Hood Moonrise. This closely matches my preconceptions, as you might surmise from my example pictures. The lighting is exquisite and the Moon is sharp as can be. He used a layering of two nearly simultaneous images to handle the dynamic range issue. My only issue is with the composition … the Moon centered on the summit is too ordinary. It freezes the eyes on the center.

#9 Moon over Myrtle Beach by pixd90. I like the way the clouds contribute to the image, filling the otherwise dark space around the Moon. The diagonal line of the surf, backed up by the illuminated beach anchors the bottom of the picture, drawing my eye after it first lands on the Moon. The Moon glint is nicely done. All of this comes at the expense of the Moon itself, which is blown out. Such are the compromises we must make.

#8 This is the only shot in full daylight in the top ten. Guilford’s Eleven A.M. Moon is perhaps the sharpest image of the Moon that I have ever seen with a 300 mm lens.  He (or she) shot it at f/32 in order to draw in the foreground trees as best as she (or he) could. I like the strong contrasts of the green and the blue, and the blue tint to the Moon adds to the impact. I don’t know what the wind conditions were, but I would rather have seen a layering of two images, as in the next entry, to achieve the DOF. But photography is the art of the possible.

#7 The always impactful Roman Johnston submitted a “Slam Dunk”. I like the humor and I like the skillful job of layering in PS. It is also fun that, in this case, he had to compensate for the brightness of the foreground rather than for the Moon. An eclipse will do that to you. (This one fits all of my preconceptions.)

#6 Chris D7k’s untitled landscape is a study in blue. The silhouetted tree nicely frames the Moon, and the reflection on the placid waters of what I presume is Crater Lake is gorgeous. This is the most peaceful image in the lot. Although I don’t like to see the Moon blown out, capturing the planets and stars in the image is a plus that overcomes the weakness. That is Saturn and the bright star Spica, by the way. And he has some excellent night sky pictures in his gallery. Take a look!

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