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Re: "Managed" and "referenced"

bravozulu wrote:

Alpha Doug, is there any advantage to reading a book such as The Dam Book, by Krogh? To understand strategies such as tagging, meta-data, rating and file hierarchy (for digital file management) ? Last night I roamed around in Apple's AP store and liked the features of Aperture.

Will get the get the book by Scapattuollo (sp?) in any case. Does it matter that it addresses Aperture 3 when the current version is AP 4? And I know you can store and view groups of images according to Faces. Can you also store images as Contact (Proof) Sheets to mimic what was done in film days? I would be familiar with that method of storing/filing.

Aperture 3 (actually 3.4.3) is the current version. There are rumors that Aperture 4.0 is coming real soon.... but those rumours have been around for at least a year and are nothing but rumours... It will happen when it happens.

You can print out contact sheets if you wish, but even with just  the information in the EXIF data from when you import a pic you can quickly search and display any subset of your all photos taken on a nikon on a tuesday with a 35mm at f2 with ISO greater than 400..... you got it in a flash


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