What "real life" advantages would a DSLR give me over the V1?

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Re: What "real life" advantages would a DSLR give me over the V1?

Thank you all so much for the helpful replies!

After reading I think it may be best as you suggest to get an FT1 adapter in the future when I have some more funds and experiment with some further lenses (this would mainly be for macro purposes).

I do like the portability and low weight compared to a DSLR, my shoulder and arm can definitely tell the difference after a day's walking around taking pictures.

As for whether I would benefit from the extra size/quality of the photos - I'm not all that sure on second thoughts if I would gain anything, as I never print my photos (well, very very rarely), and don't pixel peep on the computer. Currently I just use iPhoto and Snapspeed to make very basic adjustments to the raw files. I am interested in LR4 but am a little scared by it at the same time. I tried a trial of the program and found myself thinking "oh wow, what does that do" - I should probably look into this program alongside a guide book.

As for the lenses, I am very happy with the 30-110mm and the 18.5mm (which is very good in low light etc). My main walkabout lens though is the 10-30mm which I have seen a lot of people regard as "very average" and they opt for the 10mm pancake instead..... is the 10-30 really that bad? I have even seen some people use the 18.5mm exclusively apart from when they need the extra reach of the 30-110.

Food for thought..... again many thanks everyone for taking the time to reply

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