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Finger straps are better for a Nex


I have written on this several times.and it is on other threads.

The problem with wrist starps is that the camera just dangles, making it vulnerable to knocks. You also generally need your other hand to position the camera into right hand (assuming right handed user) when you want to shoot.

With a finger loop the camera is securely held into the palm area of your hand without you having to actually grasp the camera. You just raise your hand and the camera is ready to shoot with the finger the camera is attached to poised above the release button.

This of course only works for small cameras. The size/weight of a Nex is no trouble to carry like this and is quite secure.

I use a Gariz fingerloop that can also be extended to use as a regular wrist starp, however this does mean the extra length is coiled into my palm when in finger loop mode. I think Gariz now make one that is fingerloop only.

There are others available. Google for Ciesta Buttero leather fingerstrap.

One of the reasons I like my Garis is that I can adjust the position of the loop from the camera body which means I can get my index finger to fall exactly over the release button ehn I raise my hand to shoot. I suspect that on a couple of the other brands I would want to shorten the cord that attaches the strap to the camera.

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