Improving newborn photos

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Re: Improving newborn photos

Well, after reading various tips and experimenting I've found the key to be the "color" section in LR, more specifically lowering saturation and increasing luminance of the red and orange channels a little bit, after first having adjusted the color temperature (lowering it to almost when it becomes a little cold), correcting the exposure, usually increased fill-light a bit and lowering clarity a little bit. All this helps quite a bit but I'm still not quite there yet. I find the skin slightly pale (makes sense with the desaturation of red/orange), so is there a way to keep the skin looking "healthy" and "creamy" while not having the usual red/orange blotchiness and uneveness of newborn/baby skin? Sorry, I don't have any images to post as my client wouldn't like that, but it's a fairly general type of retouching problem -uneven skin tones with excess of red and orange.

I haven't really used LR much until recently and feel it takes some getting used to when having used PS for all my editing needs -especially the retouching section which I much prefer PS' "brush" method as opposed to "dot" method in LR. Lots more control in PS in my opinion. Other than that I can see LR as a very efficient tool for quickly editing and organized portraits which are fairly well shot to begin with and don't need heavy editing.

Yes, while I do agree that investing money in tools (presets, plugins etc.) can be worthwhile, I'd say for me at this stage I wouldn't even know what to buy, so that would be money wasted (as well as time -trying them all out). There are too many presets out there promising to turn your shots into something amazing and I don't quite know which tool I need for the job. Perhaps a good book on image editing (a practical one that is) would be a good start -recommendations are welcome!

So having said all that... .....what do you suggest I do in order to give the skin a little more "warmth" and "life" after having cleaned it up by decreasing saturation/increasing luminance of the red and orange channels?

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