The US won't have mirrorless? (Sans Mirror)

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Bad Analysis - American do not buy Camera during Xmas, its TV, Laptop

Tom based his entire analysis on the camera sales during the Holiday.  Am I the only one who noticed how stupid this is?

1. Americans rarely shops for Camera during the pivatol BLACK FRIDAY sales

2. They shop for $1200 55" HDTV for $298

3. Or $500 Laptop for $179

4. Or cheap $49 point and shoot

But there are No Massive Discount on any DSLR/ Mirrorless camera during the holiday, enthusiast camera tend to sell poorly as most consumer is putting their money toward HDTV, Laptop, Tablets at this time.

Winter months (Nov. - JAN) are also the worst time to sell your camera gears on eBay. After selling 4 canon DSLR and over 19+ lens for close to 85% of its value, I can tell you without a doubt that SUMMER IS THE BEST TIME to sell enthusist camera.

A lot of American will buy an expensive camera for their trip/vacation. SUMMER - not winter - is the best gauge for camera sales in the USA

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