Monitors viewing comfort : CCFL backlighting versus LED backlighting ?

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Re: Monitors viewing comfort : CCFL backlighting versus LED backlighting ?

alpshiker wrote:

Well, I know it's a wide topic due to the fact that many factors are involved, but I'd gladly take some advice for choosing a monitor in the 27" to 30" range that would be eyes friendly. I shot my eyes years ago by using a large Trinitron, and now after reading some comments on eyes strain caused by the LEDs flickering, I would be rather cautious buying a LCD LED monitor. Should I skip the tempting features of newer LED panels and stay conservative ? CCFL monitors have their down sides as well with chemical contamination and radiations — I noticed that a palm leave left in front of a CCFL TV set gets toasted in just few days. The above reports on LED MBP date from some years ago, so maybe the LED technologies have evolved since ? Manufacturers seem to yield to environmental standards these days in their marketing hype. But what about user's friendliness ?

What are you users experiences ?


My eyes are extremely sensitive to display flicker and I can't tell anything with LED displays. To me, it is not even a contest. CCFL is crap. It's uneven, it's dim and it ages rather quickly. After a year of use, there is already a visible degradation of brightness and you'll be lucky if it lasts beyond 5 years, though long before you get there you'll probably replaced it already since the backlight became too dim.

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