No 45mm for me

Started Mar 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: No 45mm for me

Arn wrote:

The 45mm is extremely light, easy to take along anytime... I just got the 45mm and it's better than the Canon 50/1.8 image quality wise, would appear to be sharper and has less CA (and the Canon actually is *good* for it's price, even though many snobs do not appreciate it). And of course, another nice thing about the NX 45mm is, is that focus accuracy beats an ordinary DSLR + 50/1.8 lens (to which I'm used to).

I would love to get the 85/1.4 one day, too...

For those of us who are not snobs, $300 worth of software is worth many times that in hardware...

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