E-7 Wish List

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My wish list

1. Optical viewfinder at least as good as the e5, unless there is a quantum leap in electrical viewfinder quality and any light loss hit from a translucent mirror is negligible.

2. Slightly smaller with lighter weight is good, if rugged feel and solid build is maintained.

3. Even better IS than the EM5, which sometimes is not as good as advertised. I feel like the IS in my e5 is more consistent.

4. Supremely good LCD that shows off that good IS when taking movies or shooting live view.

5. More frames per-second only wanted if overall af is improved too. But for marketing purposes you will likely need 7-8 frames per second and we will all complain about bad c-af.

6. The same 16 megapixel sensor as the OMD would be fine, though I'd prefer even better DR and noise performance, if possible. The multi-aspect sensor like the GH2 had was neat, but I don't need it. Can't see it through the optical viewfinder anyway.

That's about it. I'd rather keep things simple. Focus on image quality, build quality, and performance.

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John Krumm
Juneau, AK

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