My GH3 EVF - a new observation and opinion

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jalywol wrote:

sea_dragon wrote:

To clarify, my issue is that I can see the distortion with my eye perfectly centered and against the EVF eye cup. I'm not looking at it from a distance.

It's true that taking a shot of the EVF image with another camera can make it look good or bad. But regardless of how the picture was taken, the resulting image accurately represents the distortion the I (and perhaps others) are seeing. It's just a way of showing others the effect we're seeing.

So, with my eye centered and against the eye cup, I see distortion in the onscreen information. Particularly the aperture or ISO readings. The slightest movement of my eye causes the distortion to bounce between the two.

This is the same for the other 6 or so GH3s that I've looked at in person.

Again, this is just my own observations.

I had to take the GH3 out to look at this again...

For me, the area that is perfectly clear on the GH3 is the center of the viewfinder. However, for me, I have to go significantly both off axis AND have my eye pushed up and under the top bar of the viewfinder to get the blur effect consistently. I find if I rest my brow on the top bar of the VF, I have no problems orienting my view so the blur effect does not occur.

That being said, I have a question: are you a left eye or right eye shooter? I'm a left eye shooter, and I think I have less blur tendencies when I use my right eye instead (not that I do that, but as an experiment I tried it).

I wish people would stop arguing about this. The simple fact is that there is a narrower area of central focus on the GH3 viewfinder than on the previous GH cameras, and that if you hold your eye off axis, the side blur is more obvious. I can get this to happen on the GH2 also, but it takes a lot more work to do it...Clearly some people adjust to centering their eye with it almost instantly, and others do not, and consequently, it is very annoying to those whose eyes are more sensitive to it. When I use the camera, I will see the blur the first time I lift the camera up to my eye, but after that I think I must make subtle adjustments to how I hold it, because it goes away. It's not a dealbeaker for me, but I do find that while I like the clarity of the GH3 OLED VF, I preferred the wider central clarity area, overall size, color rendition, and essential feel of the one on the GH2 more. For the rest of the camera attributes, the GH3 is just a big step forward, so I can live with what is, for me, a slightly less wonderful EVF. YMMV, of course.


So, for the flagship product of its m4/3 line, the disappointing EVF is really a fail. There is no excuse, that Panasonic designed the EVF in such a way. There ought to be /improvement/ in new model generations, not the opposite.

With this kind of sloppy engineering Panasonic drives its customers to the competition.

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