The US won't have mirrorless? (Sans Mirror)

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Re: I wonder.........

tedolf wrote:

lazy photogaphers that is. Most dSLRs sold in the U.S. are the bottom entry level models. They are essentially very high performing point n shoot cameras perfect for soccer moms to take pictures of little Johnny and Suzy playing soccer.

America certainly does not have a monopoly on this...I've seen it everywhere I've traveled.

Micro 4/3 cameras are not really great point n shoot action cameras. No doubt they can get these shots but it takes some knowledge and patience to do that. Soccer mom's can't be bothered. In Japan, and to some degree Europe I think amatures take some pride in being "photographers" so u 4/3 works well for them. Americans just want to point and push the button and get a good shot.

I don't think so. Of the thousands of internationals students that have walked through the doors of my school and into my photography classes, I've seen just as much 'poin 'n' shoot' behavious from Asian and European students. They're just more willing to buy/carry something small. Have you seen car sales in Europe/Asia vs America? Yeah. Same.

Recent threads from new OM-d owners bare this out. One guy had the camera for a week and couldn't figure out how to get the focus box up off the bottom of the screen!

That is not painful. Painful is seeing the same thing on the Nikon Pro forums from guys with D3X's and D800's...

A lady took 1000 photo's and posted her three best-they were horrible, technically and compositionally and showed a total lack of basic photographic skills. Her last camera? Canon Rebel.

And this is new? Please. This has been a hallmark of internet photography forums since the late 90s. Ever been to the Leica forums? Never seen so many poor photos taken with such expensive gear. This forum has a long way to go to hit Leica user levels of photographic incompetence to gear ratios.

We have seen thread after thread of new OM-d owners posting just horrible photographs with no conception or effort in composition at all.

I've seen this with every single camera ever released by any company.

Why now?

Because you haven't been paying attention till now. You should be thankful, you would have lived so much more of your life in indignant anger had you paid attention years ago. I stopped paying attention around 2002. No joke, I actually know exactly when it was during my years on the old Yahoo Minolt Users Group (MUG).

Because the OM-d is attracting U.S. bottom level dLSR owners like no PEN has ever done.

I disagree. It's no better or worse.

So I think the U.S. is going to be a tough sell for u 4/3 unless they PDAF tracking AF a la Nikon 1.

Cause the 1 has been such a success for Nikon...

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