The US won't have mirrorless? (Sans Mirror)

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It's an America male testosterone thing!

1) Big SUVs are more popular than compact cars which is reverse in Asia/Europe

2) Big guns are popular.

3) Big meals.  Again the reverse in Asia/Europe.  I was in Florida once at Universal Orlando theme park.  They had these things called a Funnel Cake.  These cakes are the size of a dinner plate and the entire thing is a serving!  Then I saw someone selling what looked like deep fried turkey legs.  They must've been like 3 lbs of meat.

3) Huge houses with huge rooms and huge refrigerators.

6) Clothing is huge!  When I buy "small" it's still too big for me.  It's usually around the belly where it's too big.

No real American man would be caught dead carrying a dainty compact/micro43 around his neck.  It has to be a DSLR with a manly 18-300mm zoom!

In most households, the men make the decisions for purchase of electronics.  So when it comes time to buy a camera, a large DSLR is more manly.

Basically Bigger = Better

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