GH3 focus box vs. OM-D focus box

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Re: GH3 focus box vs. OM-D focus box

The problems with menus that is across the board with all makes of camera's, is a problem for many people. I have not yet had a camera and that is many, across many makers, where I have found a problem. Sony nex cameras has been for me the slowest and most complicated but even then a few moments and the escentuals are at hand, so not a problem. I Have canon as my larger gear and I can pick up a Nikon which I do occasionally , again a few moments and it is at hand. I can take good images and use it competently

Size is another thing that many people complain about. The often quoted 'my hands are to big' Or 'It is too fiddly'. I have large hands, much bigger than the average. I don't have a problem or difficulty with small point and shoot or medium format, cameras. Not anymore than I do when I need to sow with a needle or tie a little shoe lace or wheel an axe or chain saw. Cannot for the life of see how others are having such difficulty. The problem must surely be more about dexterity and capability than camera's in general?

Love the woodpecker a great shot. Not overly keen on the galvanised pole , but I do realise that was a part of the demonstration.

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