Samsung could kill the competition in 2013

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Re: I have the same opinion but for much different reasons Re: Samsung kills no one

tecnoworld wrote:

Sorry for the word "kill". It was the emphatic version of "overcome". And I think that, technically speaking, the next gen of nx cameras has all the right cards to do that. Faster focus, faster processing, focus peaking for legacy lenses, smaller raw files, touch and tiltable screen.

Basically this wishlist has been the same ever since Samsung got to the market with their mirrorless system in 2010. They of course have evolved but the others did to and I think: the others evolved much faster.

Suppose your wishes come true finally. They are still well behind because Oly/Panny has splashproof cams, very god 24-70/70-200 splashproof lenses, IBIS is still a very nice thing to have certainly because the 5-axis one does so well in video (and I don't have the OMD) etcetc.

The only thing mFT is missing is CDAF that does Af tracking as good as the Nikon1. Once they have that, the have ticked all boxes for those who think a m43 sensor in terms of DOF is good enough.

Fuji has come and surpassed Samsung in my view. Like Oly they have carved out a very nice niche with that retrostyled cam with excellent lenses and a unique sensor.

I'll stop here.

Samsung needs to do a whole lot more. What you are suggesting is very nice for Samsung owners with a couple of lenses. But for somone who already has another system ora novice user there seems little Samsung has to offer compared to the others.

If just samsung improves the jpg engine and, above all, high iso rendition, it will be difficult, for me, to find any more flaws in the camera. And, imho (since I love fast primes and usually dislike zooms) the lens lineup is just great.

"For me" is the key in your lines here. If I were a new buyer it probable would be a difficult choice between Sony (lenses are a downside though), Fuji (I should forget about zooms than) and m43s (oly, but the CDAF is not good for birding everstill. True RF cam is still not there and not expected).

The price for the nx300 is too high, I agree on that, but I'm also sure it'll be under 500€ (a "right" price for it) before summer.

I think so too because if the improvements are like you mentioned it won't attract too much buyers for that. And the lower price makes the system less profitable...

In the meantime, we'll see if/what Samsung can deliver with nx1100, nx30 and possibly nx-r (which I think will feature a new aps-c sensor rather than a ff one).

Let's see. It is simple: if the bodies will become as good as the lenses, the future will be much better.

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