Farewell, Olympus :(

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Re: Wishful thinking

dave gaines wrote:

jim stirling wrote:

...I was looking to buy a 50-200 SWD on ebay UK and contrary to what people are suggesting they{ Oly HG and SHG lenses} are not in abundant supply at all. In fact it took me several weeks to find one that fitted the bill , now I just need a fully functioning mFT body with full speed AF to put it on


Hi Jim,

Not to rain on your parade or anything like that, but if that m4/3 wish were possible today it would have happened already. Maybe someday but not this year. With the coming of a new DSLR release from Olympus that will focus 4/3 lenses and have an optical viewfinder, the best camera for fast autofocus with the 50-200 lens is an Olympus DSLR. It's not going to be a replacement of the hot new, best-selling MILC, OM-D EM-5.

Hi Dave , fortunately I am not a regular long tele shooter and I am happy to hold on to the lens till the appropriate body comes along { whenever that may beĀ  }

I am glad you got a good deal on this wonderful HG lens. Best of luck with it.

It is one of the best bang for the buck lenses around , personally though it may be sacrilegious  I think the real stars of Olympus lens range are the SG and HG with a very good quality to price ratio . By the time you get to the SHG lenses the prices {here anyway } are getting too high and the size and weight too much . This does not change the fact that they are excellent bits of glass, and I hope you FT guys who have bought these gems get a body worthy of them.


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