The US won't have mirrorless? (Sans Mirror)

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Re: An artificially created problem, or ineptitude?

Vlad S wrote:

amalric wrote:

Somewhere in Japan there are lot of executives trying to figure out why the Americans don't want mirrorless cameras. Hint:two of the primary players (Olympus and Panasonic) have poor dealer and Big Box reach in the US: buyers just don't see them like they do Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

We in the US wait for months for the stock to appear. If they can't sell the cameras here it's because we don't receive any in time when the public is actually interested in them. When the cameras become finally available six months after the release the momentum is totally lost.

Some advertising would help too.


I believe it's a chicken-egg problem again. First customers are helped first, so America comes last.

I can't offer advice on how to reconquer the American market, since I am from Lichtenstein.

BTW are you an undead?


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