Incredible low-light video footage from Canon

Started Mar 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
Cy Cheze Senior Member • Posts: 2,028
Applications of Large Pixel CCD for Video

Existing security cameras delivery very poor resolution in low light.  The Canon sensor might greatly improve results.  However, the best deterent effect offered by any security camera is to make the camera's presence very obvious.  A vandal-proof metal box with a blinking red light might suffice, as well as be much cheaper than the exotic new sensor.

However, the problem with extreme low light is not just the low light, but also the intrusion of glaring hot spots, whether a full moon or a lamp.  The challenge to dynamic range defies even the human eye.

"Color balance" and "white balance" are also somewhat oxymoron at night too.  Not much cyan to squeeze from moonlight or sodiuim vapor lamps.

A sensor optimized for nocturnal security cameras might be difficult to integrate into a device also intended for daytime use.  Owls, for good reason, operate mainly at night; while eagles hunt by day.  Some bats dispense with vision altogether and intercept insects at night using sound alone.  Infra-red imaging is smudgy, but important to reckon people or beasts hidden not only by dark but also by objects or vegetation.

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