The US won't have mirrorless? (Sans Mirror)

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Trevor Carpenter
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Re: I wonder.........

tedolf wrote:

I think Americans are lazy....

lazy photogaphers that is. Most dSLRs sold in the U.S. are the bottom entry level models. They are essentially very high performing point n shoot cameras perfect for soccer moms to take pictures of little Johnny and Suzy playing soccer.

Micro 4/3 cameras are not really great point n shoot action cameras. No doubt they can get these shots but it takes some knowledge and patience to do that. Soccer mom's can't be bothered. In Japan, and to some degree Europe I think amatures take some pride in being "photographers" so u 4/3 works well for them. Americans just want to point and push the button and get a good shot.

I remember a recent thread where one poster stated with pride that he was not a "photographer", just a "documenter"!

Recent threads from new OM-d owners bare this out. One guy had the camera for a week and couldn't figure out how to get the focus box up off the bottom of the screen!

A lady took 1000 photo's and posted her three best-they were horrible, technically and compositionally and showed a total lack of basic photographic skills. Her last camera? Canon Rebel.

We have seen thread after thread of new OM-d owners posting just horrible photographs with no conception or effort in composition at all.

Why now?

Because the OM-d is attracting U.S. bottom level dLSR owners like no PEN has ever done.

So I think the U.S. is going to be a tough sell for u 4/3 unless they PDAF tracking AF a la Nikon 1.


You do talk an awful lot of sense at time but sweeping statements like Americans are lazy is very provocative and I wouldn't be surprised if you get some retaliation.

Where I would agree with you is that the quality of some of the E-M5 pictures posted on this forum has been very poor.  That's not IQ which seems to be extremely good just the photograpic qualities. I have on several occasions wanted to say, why did you post that it's just not very good.  I have no idea why this is but it does appear to me that this is an almost professional camera in the hands of people who would never have bought a DSLR that required thensame levelof nurtuiring.

Before I am accused of my own sweeping statements, let me say that there have been some excellent EM-5 shots posted but there does seem to have been a greater level than usual number of shots that nobody would post on an internet forum unless they were specifically asking for constructive criticism.

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