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E cameras seem a little infrequent, so Im moving from my original 'control wheel for everything stance' to a revised layout suitable across a range of four cameras in two different formats. The model is also updateable across two generations making it the basis of 8 models.

The idea is to provide the camera of the future, that by flexible manufacture is the backbone of several generations of camera across both m43 and 43rds formats and a minimum cost but maximising parts volume to keep costs down.

This is a smaller camera than the previous two E models with a ballistic plastic casement, moulded with a sealed bottom so that it can sit on wet surfaces without risk of water ingress. The battery fits sideways in a bay door on the grip side of the camera. Circuitry fits on a chassis held into slots ant the ends, the mainboard has slots for adding RAM in a second life expansion and an onboard SSD to write to. The mirrorbox,lens mount and VF attaches inside the centre sliding into CNC milled precision grooves, and held captive by the bodies roof connected electrically at the same time. The top moulding fits in and around it sealed by a double O ring. There are a minimum number of holes in this case, and a minimum number of screws to assemble it.

Take away the fourway selector, and install a larger 100mm 16x9 touchscreen LCD almost covering the entire width of the rear of the camera. Now all the menus are in drop down groups selectable from the top, this is made active by one button. The way this would work for jpegs is, touch the icon and a screen appears with a range of control bars for sharpness, contrast, saturation, gradation, white balance etc. Touch the control bar to adjust. Sweep the screen to go to the next menu.

The advantage of the above is that screen real estate is greatly increased, and used to deploy more coherent menu items in logical groups. In normal use the huge screen will make reviewing images easier, with a lot fewer buttons to seal, less holes in the casement for dust and moisture ingress. The simplification saves money in parts and time to assemble.

The top deck is sealed from the rest of the camera, so button and wheel apertures are less of an issue. Also top decks can be exchanged to define models, basically one body moulding can serve several models and more easily updated. All buttons and dials are backlit by one LED using a clear plastic membrane to transport light and thereby reduce power consumption.

The top deck includes an On/Off switch and drive modes via a thumb selector around the trigger button. It has a mode dial with custom nameable preset modes and the usual M/A/S/B modes. AF is grouped on the left side with single, MF and CAF modes, and array definitions between single, diamond and full AF point access. In this way the primary shooting functions can be seen and preset before the camera is turned on.

The camera has a liveview system and full time high definition EVF. The camera uses the EVF all the time but you can turn the screen on to use it as liveview. The same body can be used for m43rds, simply slot out the roof, slide out the mirrorbox and replace it with the m43rds variant and slot the roof back into position, and now you have a mirrorless camera with mFT mount.

Autofocus is cdAF off the sensor. The cdAF system has reads straight through the lens, but there is an impediment within the mirror box in the form of a rotating glass disk with a slot in it. By using a principle known as Refractive Index, cdAF can get two distance measurements from the same set of AF points milliseconds apart as per the speed of the glass rotator. Images are taken through the slot in the rotator, which can be stopped for exposures longer than the transit of the slot in the glass wheel.

This system replaces pdAF as it has the same predictive algorithms, and the same ability to establish focus travel and direction. It can be made to gather more data by adding another glass ramp providing 3 focus positions. The AF receives more light than present pdAF systems so has a much lower light capability and expected better performance.

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