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Viewfinder Histogram & HG primes

Since we're on the subject

I'd like to see a live view histogram though the viewfinder.  I know the real estate in there is limited so maybe it could be off to the side or switchable (easy access button???).

Not sure how you'd do it in a mirrored system but as others have pointed out, who knows what Olympus is planning.  Maybe it's an option in the new world.

E-7 wants and wishes aside, I hope Olympus doesn't end up freezing 4/3 lens development.

Committing to producing an E-5 replacement that can use 4/3 lenses doesn't exactly translate to continued support for the 4/3'rds system.  There are holes in the lens lineup and while their stated focus (excuse the pun) is on the micro 4/3 line, it would be nice to finally see the HG 100mm macro and maybe something to fill the HG long range needs (400mm ??).

SHG owners might say "holes? what holes?" but unfortunately not all of us can live in that world.

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