What is the maximum ISO you're comfortable shooting (and what camera)?

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Re: I'm kind of surprised...

nfpotter wrote:

I'm quite surprised how many people limit themselves to lower ISO's. Maybe it's the type of shooting some of you do, but as for me, I shoot everything. I would never rather have missed a shot (or just given up and not taken it at all), or had a motion-blurred shot, than to use a high ISO.

Oh, and BTW, people, there is no need to "explain" in your post that using lower ISO values is better. I think everyone here knows that (at least one would HOPE so).

Try going to the club my band just played last Saturday night (SUPER dark, horrible lighting), and limiting yourself to ISO 1600 or even 3200, with a Sigma 17-70 f/2.8-f/4 attached. You would have left with either no shots, or a lot of motion-blurred shots.

You're quite right, if you have the camera you should take the shot if you want something, and when push comes to shove I certainly will do that. But too far and I wonder why I bothered. I'm also a bit fussy; you'd can't get around the IQ losses with very high ISO even with miracles like Denoise, and I've found that when you have a moderately large sensored compact camera with a fast lens your justification for carrying around the big iron running at high sensitivity narrows. This of course presumes that you are not shooting with a fast lens on the big iron.

I just shot an evening event, with flash, all at ISO800+ to extend flash range and get in more background ambient lighting, and the pictures were quite good indeed.  I'm getting braver.

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