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From the other thread... Here

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

that is probably an issue of your eyes or the way you keep a camera, for me (for example) to see such an image distortion in GH3 viewfinder I need to actually remove my eye from it by an extra inch or so (or look through it at quite exteme angle - but then I will not see who whole frame) - which means to look through viewfinder while keeping a camera pretty much away from my face and I never do this (and I can't see the whole frame at such distance anyways)... do you ? EVF is not an LCD, it is not intended to be looked through by keeping it away from your eyes.

Yes, unfortunately, I see the distortion even with my eye centered and against the viewfinder. When positioned this way, either the aperture readout or the ISO readout in the display have distortion. I can't see both at once without the distortion.

My wife says she doesn't see it, but my brother who looked at it this past weekend noticed it. That is what has be baffled.

Here is the pic from the other thread (originally posted by another forum member):

here is what I see when I use EVF as it is supposed to be used (that is actually looking in it, not keeping it away from your eyes) and w/ proper diopter adjustment :

Here we go again - denial syndrome. You are insinuating that anyone with an EVF issue is not using it correctly? This is BS.

I can see exactly the same "bad" picture when I move my eye away from EVF by at least an inch or if I am using some very wrong angle to look in EVF... so it obvious when it happens... and when I am putting my eye to EVF properly I can see exactly the "good" picture... did you notice that "bad" picture is taken from quite a distance from the viewfinder and it simply does not show the whole frame actually visible to your eye in EVF ? in my opinion that is exactly what is happening - people keep EVF at a distance from their eyes, bad P&S habit w/ LCD

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