Samsung could kill the competition in 2013

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Re: Samsung could kill the competition in 2013

Ariston wrote:

it's a double-edge sword. I think that Samsung being an unknown camera maker as of the moment is a good thing because this would make the brand affordable for most people and the best bang for the buck system. DxOmarks even didn't realize the potential of the system not until they tested it. it's an amazing system that is unknown for most consumers and photographers. even camera sellers are not even aware of it's potential. I'd rather have the system not to be number #1 as popularity would mean high demand and which would spell the end of affordability.

Right on.  Right no, in the USA market Samsung is selling the NX20 at $250 discount off its $1099 suggested retail price, thus $849 with the 18-55mm kit zoom.  Unofficially, there seems to be retailer incentives as B&H is selling this kit for $699 and I was able to buy the body and lens separately for $649.

This is a typical Korean market strategy when new products are released.  Right now, in the UK, Samsung has a great sale on NX lenses -- too bad for UK residents only...

At $699 with lens, try to find a better camera.  As I said before, I was drawn to the NX20 for price but overall, I prefer it to my first choice at the time, the NEX-7.

I also purchased a 20mm pancake for $249 -- $100 of retail.  Whatever on my list comes up on sale next (85mm and 45mm primes, 20-50mm compact zoom) I will rush to buy.

Snatch up bodies and lenses as you can.  Prices will go up as popularity increases.

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