Since this is a photography site, I have a portrait to show ...

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Re: Unclear on the concept award, Number 42

PhD4 wrote:

And.. while that's not what happened here... it's not illegal to state your opinion of the piece.

Like the OP did.

Apparently you didn't read the OP's actual post. His attribution is to himself, his title is an attack on Obama. Since you didn't read it, always helpful, as I am, I post it In Full.

"... the Obama portrait, that is: head is absent -- there is no need for it, only an empty suit, a microphone as an instrument of propaganda and demagoguery, and a halo created by liberal media to signify the sainthood of their religious leader."

"Your CC is welcome."

So not only is the attribution missing, but a completely new meaning has been given to someone else's work.

But go ahead, knock yourself out. You apparently hold a Phd in these matters, and who is a lowly boiler mechanic to dispute such an ignorant fool expertise.


"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

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